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Kitchen Sink and Window Space Saver and Shelves 5 Myths About Revamping Your Kitchen

People tend to let the rooms in their homes go without a revamp for many years. This is most likely due to misconceptions about what…

A New Look for the Holidays

Create your holiday dream home with inspiring new ways to decorate!

Holiday Inspiration

Get inspired to create your dream décor for the holidays. Indoors and out, we have something for every style and decorating need!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month and a few fun ways to celebrate.

Bask in Butterflies

Bring all of the natural beauty of butterflies to your home – indoors and out!

Summer Gift Guide Inspiration

Get inspired with your gift-giving this summer, with great ideas for every occasion – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding and more.

Easter Inspiration

Get inspired with your Easter decorations—indoors and out—with bright colors, fun figurines and lit floral pieces.

Kitchen Update Inspiration

Get inspired to enhance your space with quick, easy updates for your kitchen – from color to themed collections!

5 Minute Makeover Inspiration

Find inspiration for quick and easy makeovers for every room in your home!

Fall Inspiration

Bring the feeling of crisp autumn days and a bountiful harvest to your décor—indoors and out!

Traditional Inspiration

Get inspired to create a traditional style all your own, with elegant carvings, rich colors and classic designs for every room in your home.

Global Inspiration

Get inspired to create your own global decorating style, and bring your love of the world home to any room of your home.